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Interactive Continuing Education

For Higher Ed Professionals

New assessment practitioners have told us that they'd benefit from formal training to build their assessment planning skills and that they'd like this training to be provided within a supportive community where they can learn from each other.

So, we've created Weave Academy to do just that! Explore the options below - we hope to "see" you in a virtual classroom soon!

Introduction to Effective Assessment Practices 

Certification Course


This course provides an overview of assessment principles and practices in contemporary higher education. The course promotes a general understanding of academic assessment, specifically the assessment of student learning outcomes. 

Course Audience: Professionals who are new to the assessment field and have been tasked with helping faculty and staff develop assessment plans and reports. No prior knowledge is required. 


  • Explain the role of assessment in improving student learning
  • Learn and apply theory and principles of assessment
  • Apply useful assessment strategies and practices
  • Demonstrate the relevance of assessment data to faculty and other stakeholders

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Implementing Successful Assessment Practices

Certification Course


This course provides an overview of common assessment practices that will enhance their toolbox as a practitioner. Specifically, participants will learn strategies for program assessment of academic and student affairs units, as well as learning more about assessment measures to directly assess student learning and experiences. 

Course Audience: Professionals who have been tasked with designing programmatic assessment across areas in academic and student affairs, to include mapping and general education. Prior foundational knowledge of assessment theory and practices is required.


  • Articulate the best practices in program assessment
  • Create an assessment system that engages multiple units on campus in the assessment process
  • Use assessment results to seek opportunities for improvement
  • Organize strategies for engaging faculty and students in the assessment process
  • Develop a plan for an assessment unit grounded in best practice

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