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If you think goal setting and assessment are hard in academic and co-curricular programs, try doing them for administrative units! Unlike programs and units that focus on student learning and/or student success, these units often have no body of resources they can turn to. And some of these units are “one person shops” focused on getting their jobs done, with little time to even think about adding goals and no one to work with on achieving them. This webinar will give you plenty of practical tips on setting meaningful goals and identifying appropriate assessments of them. Note: In Spring 2023 Weave will offer another webinar for co-curricular programs and other units that focus on student learning and/or student success.

About the Instructor

SuskieLinda Suskie
Higher Education Assessment Consultant
Linda Suskie is an internationally recognized consultant, writer, speaker, and educator on a broad variety of higher education assessment and accreditation topics. Her books include Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, one of the best-selling books on assessment in higher education, and Five Dimensions of Quality: A Common Sense Guide to Accreditation and Accountability. Linda worked seven years as a vice president at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Her higher education experience includes work in assessment, institutional research, strategic planning, and quality management. Linda has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in assessment, educational research methods, writing, statistics, and developmental mathematics. She holds a bachelor’s degree in quantitative studies from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s in educational measurement and statistics from the University of Iowa.