About the Webinar:

Planning for the future has never been more important to institutions of higher education than it is now. Unpredictability is our present reality. However, having a strategic plan offers the purpose and vision that can move a college or university forward together. This presentation will examine how offices of assessment can contribute throughout the lifespan of a strategic plan, from creation to a successful completion.

This webinar covered:

  • Common uses of strategic planning in higher education
  • Role of assessment professionals in strategic planning
  • Integration of assessment and strategic planning as a means of increasing relevance to both


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About our Presenter

Jordan circleJordan Denton
Manager of Customer Engagement at Weave
Jordan spent five years doing assessment work on a campus, including working with faculty and staff to create meaningful assessment plans and get the most out of Weave. She continues that same great work as part of the team, and adds to it by helping people think through creative ways to use our solutions.  

Since joining the Weave team in 2018, Jordan has taken on the role of working with existing member institutions, as well as training administrators, faculty and staff that are transitioning into the Weave family.