New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator conducted a comprehensive reassessment of the existing academic program review process, a contextual study of previously implemented processes, and a census of previously submitted assessments. As a result, NJIT has refined and revitalized its program review initiative informed by a study of the MSCHE standards and the current academic consensus on higher education assessment through participation in a professional development certificate course through Weave Academy. This session shows how performing a review of an assessment plan can reinvigorate a positive culture of continuous improvement built upon a model of communication, collaboration, and facilitation.

Join us to:

  • Understand how to utilize a detailed assessment plan for improvement
  • Learn of the benefit of assessment development opportunities
  • Acquire tools to enhance structured assessment plan frameworks
  • Continuously improve alignment with MSCHE accreditation priorities

Jeremy Reich-3Jeremy Reich

Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Jeremy Reich is the Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator in the New Jersey Institute of Technology's Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Previously, Jeremy was the project coordinator of the Future Ready Schools - New Jersey (FRS-NJ) certification program and NJIT's Collaborative for Leadership, Education, and Assessment Research. In that role, he coordinated the program's design and development and subsequently led the program's second and third certification cycles. Most recently, Jeremy was the Administrative Coordinator for NJIT's Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering focused on communications, engagement, and outreach. Jeremy holds a BA in History from Drew University and an MAT in Social Studies from Rutgers University – Newark.


Anthony-1Anthony Marziliano

Director for Academic Assessment
St. John's University

With 10+ years of higher education assessment experience, Anthony manages all assessment workflow and leads in scholarship and publishing efforts. His research includes higher education assessment, qualitative methods for improved student learning, goal achievement and outcomes, and quantitative statistical analysis of student learning.


Building a positive culture of continuous improvement can be difficult.

This requires attention to:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Facilitation

Looking for guidance, best practices, or successful experiences? 

This session will cover ideas and strategies for addressing the following:

How can a detailed assessment plan be utilized for improvement? What tools can be used to enhance structured assessment plan frameworks?

We look forward to seeing you!


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