About the Webinar:

Building a culture of assessment is a common topic of interest amongst those working in assessment and accreditation. In this webinar, Dr. Keston Fulcher reframes this concept by focusing on how to create a culture of learning improvement. While assessment still plays an important role in this conversation, Fulcher believes that assessment is just one piece of the bigger picture of changing learning improvement across the nation. 

In this webinar, Dr. Keston Fulcher will cover:

  • Where we are with respect to learning improvement nationally
  • Why learning improvement matters
  • Why we don't see more learning improvement 
  • Strategies that you can apply to make learning improvement better at your institution

About our Guest Presenter:


Dr. Keston Fulcher
Dr. Keston Fulcher is the Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Research Studies and an associate professor of graduate Psychology at James Madison University. 

Keston previously served as the Director of Assessment, Evaluation and Accreditation at Christopher Newport University in Newport News. Before that he oversaw assessment, insitutional research and planning activities at Eastern Shore Community College. Additionally, he is actively engaged in the broader assessment community in higher education, providing his expertise and service to numerous organizatons, such as the Virginia Assessment Group, where he served as President. He has also made many contributions to SACSCOC and it's member institutions. 

Keston has done extensive research on structuring higher education to better demonstrate learning improvement. In December 2014 he authored a paper called A Simple Model for Learning Improvement: Weigh Pig, Feed Pig, Weigh Pig , for The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), which he references in this webinar and can be read by clicking the title above.