About the Webinar Series
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Weave has partnered with James Madison University’s Center for Assessment and Research Studies and Virginia Assessment Group’s Journal of Research and Practice in Assessment to bring you a most impactful webinar series!

For over six months a team of well-known practitioners has been preparing for this event. After many meaningful conversations about what actionable steps can be taken to use assessment to impact learning, these leaders have put together six sessions to share ways institutions can be sure their assessment work is leading to authentic learning improvement. 

Webinar 2: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same: New Challenges to Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning
In the second installment of the Evolving from Assessment to Learning Improvement Webinar Series, Blaich and Wise delve into reviewing the relationship between different ways of approaching assessment and the extent to which those different approaches are likely to promote improvements in student learning.

By all accounts, higher education is producing more assessment than ever. The range of documented assessment techniques, professional organizations, listservs, and websites that support assessment have proliferated. Foundations and accreditors have pushed for more and better assessment. Yet, there remains a sense among many educators that the effort going into assessment is not proportional to gains in student learning. Why? One issue might be that we sometimes build assessment programs without stepping back and considering carefully the questions that our assessment programs can, and cannot, address.

Use the links below to view or register for the other sessions in the series!

  • Webinar 1 - Assessment Paper Pusher to Improvement Hero: The Journey Begins
    Watch Recording
    • Keston H. Fulcher, Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Research Studies and Professor in Graduate Psychology at James Madison University
    • Megan R. Good, Director of Academic Assessment at Auburn University
  • Webinar 3 - Refining an Approach to Assessment for Learning Improvement
    Watch Recording
    • Monica Stitt-Bergh, Associate Specialist, University of Hawaii (Manoa) and Past President, Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE)
    • Jillian Kinzie, Associate Director, Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Institute, and Senior Scholar, NILOA
  • Webinar 4 - Why Assessment and Faculty Development Need Each Other: Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning, April 23rd at 2pm Eastern - Register
    • Michael Reder, Director, Joy Shechtman Mankoff Center for Teaching and Learning, Connecticut College
    • Cynthia Crimmins, Director, Center for Academic Innovation, York (PA) College
  • Webinar 5 - Considerations and Resources for the Learning Improvement Facilitator, May 13th at noon Eastern - Register 
    • Kristen Smith, Director of Assessment, College of Education, UNC Greensboro
    • Natasha Jankowski, Director, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA)
  • Webinar 6 - Example of a Successful Program Improvement Effort, May 29th at 2pm Eastern - Register
    • Keston Fulcher, Executive Director, Center for Assessment and Research (CARS), James Madison University
    • Diane Lending, Professor Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics; Capital One Information Security Faculty Scholar, James Madison University

We look forward to seeing you!

 About our Presenters:

Blaich circle

Dr. Charles Blaich
Director, The Center of Inquiry and the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS)
For nearly 20 years, Blaich has worked with colleges and universities across the country to use evidence to improve student learning. From 2005 to 2012, Blaich led the Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education. Since 2011 Blaich has been the director of both the Center of Inquiry and the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium. His most recent publications include “Scope, Cost, or Speed: Choose Two – The Iron Triangle of Assessment” and “Instructional Clarity and Organization: It’s Not New or Fancy, but It Matters.”

Wise circleKathleen Wise
Associate Director, The Center of Inquiry and the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS)
Wise joined the Center of Inquiry in 2004. She has worked with over 100 colleges and universities to develop, evaluate, and implement assessment programs. Wise also led the Teagle Assessment Scholars, a professional development program for assessment leaders. Her recent publications include “Approaching Big Survey Data One Byte at a Time,” “Instructional Clarity and Organization: It’s Not New or Fancy, but It Matters,” and "The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: New Challenges to Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning.”