About the Webinar:

High quality program review is essential to the integrity of higher education programs.  Annual assessment reporting is necessary as well, but periodic program review that is well-designed and implemented allows programs to take a step back and view the outcomes of the program from a broader perspective.  Perhaps your institution is just beginning to design a comprehensive program review process; or maybe you have a process in place but feel it is time to reexamine your plan. This practical webinar will dive into the Why, How, and What of Program Review.

The webinar will cover:

  • Tips for explaining the value of program review to your faculty/staff
  • Considerations for planning your institution’s process
  • Common elements of a program review template
  • Guidelines for conducting internal self-study
  • Recommendations for effective external review
  • Importance of using the process to drive improvement

About our Presenters

Jen circleJennifer Gray, MSW
Director, Product Experience & IE Specialist, Weave
As the Director of Institutional Effectiveness at a SUNY school, Jen’s valuable knowledge shapes the Weave user experience. Since joining the team in 2012 Jen has led over 150 institutions in using Weave and has turned their feedback into action through perfecting the interface and functionality of Weave.


Picture2Sheri Popp, EdS
Director, Professional Development and Member Success & IE Specialist, Weave
Sheri spent eight years serving as an Associate Dean for Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness at a small college, where Weave played an important part in the assessment program. Prior to that, she spent 14 years as a K-12 classroom teacher. She is passionate about sound educational practices, including assessment that allows institutions to improve student learning while meeting accreditation requirements.