About the Webinar:

To make evaluative statements about the effectiveness of educational programs, we must assess if students achieve intended learning and development outcomes. Often intended outcomes are not achieved. However, very few programs are altered using outcomes assessment findings (Banta & Blaich, 2011). One barrier to using outcomes assessment results for program improvement (i.e., closing the assessment loop) is that we do not always know how to make changes because we do not always know where the problems exist.

This barrier can be addressed, in part, via implementation fidelity data. In this webinar, Dr. Finney will introduce implementation fidelity assessment and demonstrate how it can be coupled with outcomes assessment data to inform more valid inferences about program effectiveness. This webinar is an introduction to implementation fidelity appropriate for professionals hoping to connect implementation fidelity data with outcomes assessment data to facilitate accurate communication about the quality of programs and to guide program and learning improvement. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What implementation fidelity is
  • How to create a process that yields actionable data for evaluating program effectiveness
  • Communicating and adjusting processes

We look forward to seeing you!


finney_fullres - Sara Finney zoomAbout our Presenter:
Dr. Sara Finney

Since 2001, Dr. Finney has been providing outcomes assessment-related support to faculty and staff at James Madison University.  She teaches statistics and measurement topics to graduate students in JMU’s Assessment & Measurement PhD program and the Quantitative Psychology Concentration within the Psychological Sciences MA program. Most recently, she oversaw the creation of initiatives to emphasize the use of assessment results for learning improvement.

External to JMU, Dr. Finney serves on the editorial boards for several scholarly journals that focus on measurement and educational effectiveness. She serves on technical advisory committees for large testing and educational effectiveness organizations. Dr. Finney’s work evaluating the effectiveness of university educational programming has garnered four national awards from the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) and the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education Association (NASPA). She has provided workshops on a variety of assessment-related issues to faculty and staff on their home campuses and at conferences.

Dr. Finney has published over 60 articles and chapters. Her research involves the incorporation of implementation fidelity assessment during the outcomes assessment process, the study of test-taking motivation and emotions during institutional accountability testing, and the application of latent variable modeling techniques to better understand the measurement of psychoeducational constructs. Her research has appeared in such journals as Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, Research & Practice in Assessment, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Applied Measurement in Education, and Educational Assessment.