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Accreditation is an enormous undertaking, one that requires constant organization, dedication and planning. Having a strategy for collecting and evaluating institutional assessment results, completing the accreditation report and overcoming roadblocks will help guarantee your success (and sanity). 

This countdown guide starts four years out from accreditation. It covers the most important tasks for each year, as well as potential challenges and solutions to keep you on track. In this free guide you will find:

  • Real-life examples of common scenarios and how to address them 
  • Tactical tips to help you manage assessment and accreditation at your institution
  • How to plan for the before, during and after of your accreditation visit 

... and more! 

This guide was written by the team at Weave, a team that has over 100 collective years of leadership experience in higher education assessment and accreditation. This guide is completely free to download, all you have to do is fill out the form! We hope you find the guide useful and that you'll think of us next time you need help with anything related to assessment or accreditation. 


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