About the Webinar:

Critical-thinking and real-world problem-solving are crucial skills often identified by accreditors, employers, and faculty members as key learning outcomes for students in higher education. However, defining and measuring these complex skills can be difficult for institutional assessment teams, much less engaging faculty in the resulting assessment data to drive improvement. This webinar will explore the Critical-thinking Assessment Test (CAT); a nation-wide project that was funded by the National Science Foundation and Tennessee Technological University to develop and disseminate an interdisciplinary instrument to assess critical thinking and real-world problem-solving skills.

The CAT was developed with significant input from faculty members across the country and provides a valid and reliable means for institutions to assess the student critical thinking and problem-solving skills valued by the most faculty. The instrument is commonly used to assess general education outcomes, quality enhancement programs, as well as high impact courses and experiences at two- and four-year institutions. In this webinar, we will discuss the development and dissemination of the CAT, and its use as part of a broader campus-wide effort to improve critical thinking and real-world problem solving.

The webinar will cover:

  • The skills measured by the CAT
  • How institutions are implementing the CAT
  • How the CAT engages faculty in the assessment process
  • How the CAT can be used as a faculty development tool

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About our Presenter

Kevin Harris CircleKevin Harris, Ph.D.
Associate Director - Center for Assessment & Improvement of Learning, Tennessee Tech University
Dr. Kevin Harris is the Associate Director of the Center for Assessment and Improvement of Learning (CAIL) at Tennessee Tech University. With the support of the National Science Foundation, CAIL has developed and disseminated the Critical-thinking Assessment Test, known as the CAT. In his role at CAIL, Dr. Harris leads regional training workshops to prepare institutions for the implementation of the CAT as a performance measure of student critical thinking and as a faculty development tool. In addition to regional trainings, Kevin provides assessment design and statistical reporting support to institutions and other NSF projects using the CAT, as well as CAT related on-site training workshops and consultation. Over the past five years, Kevin has helped develop a framework associated with using the CAT as a model for course based critical thinking assessments called CAT Apps.